The Hopemark Hearth

Home to educator Daniel Hoppe, The Hopemark Hearth is dedicated to sharing the gifts of music and the Alexander Technique. The Hearth offers individual lessons, group class, and workshops that combine a warm and nurturing environment with the highest levels of pedagogical excellence.

The very nature of Danny’s teaching instilled in me the drive to want to practice all week long between the lessons. When I returned for my second lesson, he simply asked in an open and receptive way, “What have you been thinking about?”  This placed the joy of progress firmly within reach for me because it indicated I could make progress by exploring and creating my own insights and questions.  Then the lesson that unfolded proceeded to make me excited to see what exactly I could discover by giving the Technique my fullest attention when possible.  He has such fascinating and individualized teachings that make a real difference and leave food for thought to sustain you in the learning process.  The entire time that Danny works with you, you feel the light of his fullest attention and care coming your way. 

– Molly H.


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